Sidney Thomas Lewis
07/15/1956 - 04/26/2022
Phoenix, AZ
Sidney Thomas Lewis, 65, passed away April 26, 2022, comforted by his wife at home in Phoenix, AZ. He had faced extreme medical challenges for a long time.

Sidney was the first born child of Sidney and Mable Walls Lewis, July 15, 1956 in Middlesboro, KY.

Sidney was preceded in death by his parents and youngest sister, Jessie Mae Darlene Peyton (Lewis).

He is survived by his loving and dedicated wife of 36 years, Meredith Whiteman. Loving brother to F. Joyce Lewis, brother-in-law to Darnail and Andrea Lyles (Whiteman), Lamar and Meryl Thompson (Whiteman), Ross Whiteman, Andre Whiteman, Anthony Briggs and Jovette Whiteman. Adoring father to Francine Whiteman of Atlanta, who was instrumental in getting the couple together. Loving grandfather to Chelsea George and Brooke George. Sidney and Meredith were bonus parents to his godson, Mario Mahome of Chicago, IL. Loving Uncle to many nieces and nephews and many cousins, including Chanel Donald and Camara Clayton, second and third cousins and others he considered family.

Sidney was exceptional from a very young age. He would hustle neighborhood kids “shooting” glass marbles and even trained his sister, Joyce, as a ringer to completely cleanout other players in the dust circles on the parkway in front of their house. It was discovered that he was a music prodigy at age 9. His parents strongly nurtured his talent for the piano and organ, focusing on classical and Christian music. Secretly, he grew his own interest in composing jazz and pop music. He would perform at local concerts and church fundraisers in Middlesboro. Throughout high school and college he had a passion for James Brown’s music, martial arts and playing basketball. He was a Chess Master and an amateur builder of analog speakers and electronics. He was a long-time Boy Scout ascending to Eagle Scout. He graduated from Middlesboro High School with honors in 1974.

He began his undergraduate life on scholarships at Tuskegee University, studying engineering and graduating from DeVry University in Computer Science. With his degree, he worked several IT hands-on servicing jobs in numerous high demand computer environments, such as Dell, Bank of America and Charles Schwab. Friends and family often took advantage of his knowledge to repair their PCs and devices. Sidney and Mere spent the first half of their marriage in Atlanta, GA, then moved Phoenix, AZ. Mere is a native of Grenada, W.I. In addition to corporate jobs, together they created international merchandising and sales businesses.

Sidney enjoyed deep sea fishing and had a very competitive spirit. He would challenge and demolish other ping pong players. His extremely quiet nature would burst with life, humorous stories and jokes once he became comfortable. He was similar to Spock from Star Trek with his emotionless views and logic about important life theories and the universe. Mere frequently asked him when the mothership was coming back to reclaim their resident. Sidney liked simple products, food and clothing, no fuss, except his automated car and home device systems. He named his main pet, Bad Cat. Wherever he lived, he had a favorite Asian restaurant, that upon seeing him enter, would prepare and serve his order with no words or interactions until payment because he would eat the same dish without fail. He would often say he had no regrets.

A memorial on Zoom is planned by the family for May 15, 2022. Sidney’s remains will contribute to beautiful environmental sustainability in the Phoenix area. Condolences and donations to help offset extreme medical bills can be sent to the family by contacting

The family would like to thank the health professionals from Banner Hospice for the countless hours of compassionate care provided to Sidney.

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