Rev. Dr. Blaine C. Mays
01/11/1933 - 10/01/2018
Mesa, AZ
A few people come into our lives who remind us of who we really are, who remind us of the better angels of our nature. Those people inspire us to do and be all that we can be. Blaine C. Mays is one of those people! His calm demeanor might belie the strength and power of his spirit, if you did not know him. But in his presence, one quickly discerned this is a very special being. One was left both charmed and uplifted by his grace, clever wit, and kindness.

Blaine is a second generation Truth student and Unity minister. His mother was a Unity minister; his father, Religious Science. Both parents were educators and ministers. Together they founded the Lola Pauline Mays New Thought School of Ministry, which has graduated
and ordained many New Thought ministers. Blaine ultimately served as Dean of the school.
Blaine was ordained a Unity minister in 1955 at the age of 22. He served as a spiritual leader in Unity and New Thought for the past 63 years a tenure of service that surpasses that of the Unity founders. His service included 27 years as senior minister of Unity of Phoenix and,
since 1991, minister of the Community Church of New Thought, the church his parents founded.

Blaine was active in the International New Thought Alliance (INTA) for 47 years, first serving as a board member, then 38 years as president and 22 years as CEO, a position he held at his passing. He took personal responsibility for preserving a large metaphysical library at the INTA Archives in Mesa, Arizona, which is open to all interested students. Most recently, Blaine served as vice president of the Independent Alliance of Ministers in Unity (IAMU), where he was a founding member. While in ministerial training at Unity Village, Blaine lived in Cora and
Charles Fillmore’s home. He worked in the Editorial Department, under Cora and Charles Fillmore’s home. He worked in the Editorial Department, under Cora, and helped compile The Revealing Word and Keep a True Lent. Blaine was also a member of the Temple of Understanding in New York, New York, a non-governmental sector of the United Nations as well as a member of the National Interfaith Council.

He also served in Silent Unity where he met his wife and spiritual partner, Betty, who preceded him in her ongoing life’s journey in 2015. Together, they had four children, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren whom they loved dearly.

At a recent annual Conference in September, Blaine was asked when he thought he might retire. He said “Never,’ why would you retire as long as you can make a contribution.” And that he did! His entire life was about making a contribution, and his very presence contributed to the advancement of whatever he was involved in. He deeply loved the family of humanity and he will be profoundly missed.

In lieu of flowers, a donation in his memory will be gratefully received by the Community Church of New Thought and the Lola Pauline Mays New Thought School of Ministry at Community Church of New Thought, 5013 E. Broadway Rd., Mesa, AZ 85206. Memorial Service is Sunday, November 4 at 11 am at Community Church of New Thou,

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